Oracle Critical Patch Update – July 2007

Last Friday, on a test box, I installed the July 2007 – Oracle Critical Patch Update.

The target database is a running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 4. No CPU has yet been installed on this database.

I went through the following error while installing the CPU:

[oracle@orcltest 6079591]$ opatch napply ./6079591 -skip_subset -skip_duplicate
Invoking OPatch

Oracle interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2005, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved..

Syntax Error… Unrecognized Command or Option: failed to parse arguments “unknown option ‘-skip_subset'”
Please use the option ‘opatch -help’ to get correct syntax

OPatch failed with error code 14

It turns out I read through the readme file a bit too fast, and skipped the following section:

  • 3.2 OPatch Utility Information

3.2 specifies to use OPatch utility release or later.

The OPatch can be downloaded from Oracle Metalink with patch 4898608.

I strongly suggest to read the July 2007 CPU readme file carefully since there is also new stuff as:

If you have already installed CPUJan2007, CPUApr2007, or CPUApr2007 CPU merge patch, the patch needs to be rolled back first.

Also, a new database CPU patch format is being introduced with the July 2007 CPU, the new format, napply CPU (pronounced “n apply CPU”).

This means, no more:

opatch apply


opatch napply ./6079591 -skip_subset -skip_duplicate.

Useful links for July’s CPU:

Oracle Critical Patch Update – July 2007

Critical Patch Update Availability Information for Oracle Server and Middleware Products

Critical Patch Update – Introduction to Database Napply CPU Patches

Using Enterprise Manager to achieve grid automation with deployment procedures

Nice to have links for Oracle CPU’s:

Security Technology Center

RSS feed for Oracle Security Alerts

DataCenter Automation and Configuration Management

  1. #1 by abdul on June 7, 2008 - 9:10 am

    anybody can u tell me the steps of the opatch utility
    thanks and regards

  2. #2 by ERSAN on June 27, 2008 - 2:40 pm

    these are the steps.

    1. Go to – Patch site and download related CPU patch. (For example CPU OCT2007 Patch 6394981)

    2. Unzip on to your system
    3. Shutdown the database, listener, other processes

    4. Point to the right environment

    . ./setup_env INSTANCE_NAME

    . oraenv

    5. Include Opatch in the patch

    export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch:$PATH
    add /usr/ccs/bin to your PATH and
    Make sure /usr/ccs/bin is the path and it is before /usr/ucb
    6. point to your patch unzip directory

    cd /xxx/software/10.2.0/patches/6394981

    opatch napply -skip_subset -skip_duplicate upgrade the db.

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/cpu/CPUOct2007
    sqlplus /nolog
    SQL> @catcpu.sql

    If catcpu.sql reports any Invalid Objects, run the following commands:
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
    sqlplus /nolog
    SQL> @utlrp.sql
    You can check for any invalid objects by executing following statement:

    Ersan Cam
    CIBC Financial
    Toronto, Canada

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