Oracle 11g Documentation

Since reading the documentation is always a good idea when a new Oracle release is out, I decided to read Oracle® Database Upgrade Guide and the Oracle® Database New Features Guide before getting into the 11g installation guide.

It is funny how I haven’t yet downloaded the new Oracle 11g database and I am already using one of its new features!

Oracle 11g now enables users to send out comments, making it faster and easier to everyone to enhance the documentation.
This new feature have also been discussed here:
IT-eye Weblog
OTN TechBlog

While reading through the 2 guides, I used this new feature to report a couple of errors:
Oracle has responded to my user comments pretty fast:

Thank you for sending us this correction to the Oracle Database Upgrade Guide. The problem has been fixed and the correction should appear in the next revision of the book (probably in part number B28300-02).

Submitter: my_mail
Book title: Oracle Database Upgrade Guide
Part number: b28300
Release: 11g Release 1 (11.1)
Topic title: Compatibility and Interoperability
Status: Forwarded
Submitted on: 28-AUG-07

In the Automatic Maintenance Tasks Management section, the “See Also” link was pointing to the wrong URL:

This page should have been pointing to a subsection of the Automatic Maintenance Tasks Management feature…

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